Other Things I Like

There are many ways to waste time on the internet.  If you are going to be surfing around not doing your homework anyway, why not immerse yourself in some good ol’ Catholic stuff?

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops


This site is a must.  It has the whole bible available.  New American!  How convenient! Not only that, but a whole slew of information on what our church leaders are up to and what they have to say.

New Advent


Part encyclopedia, part current events, this old friend of mine can keep you busy for hours.  Did I mention the entire Summa Theologica and Church Father’s writings have thier own sections?  Top right corner.  You can thank me later.

Danielle Rose


Danielle Rose is a “music missionary.”  She has fully embraced her vocation and her musical gifts from God.  This website has her  story and her beautiful music for sale.  All her songs contain encouraging words and beautiful meditations on the Mysteries, vocation, and Catholic spirituality.

Bad Catholic


A great blog.  Mixed with beautiful meditations (like the one above) and humorous rants, the authors dry sense of humor never ceases to entertain and convict.  He can be blunt at times, but always very Catholic.

Bad Vestments


This one deserves a spot on the list.  A collection of liturgical abuses from all demoninations.  These examples serve as sources of massive amounts of comedy, but also a hint of caution.  The tagline sums it up best: “Because Christian worship is not supposed to be about you.”

The Holy See



The Art of Manliness


In today’s world, there is a false image of what a “man” is.  While not explicitly Catholic, this website promotes the idea that being a virtuous, mature, and responsible gentleman is truly an “art” that needs to be rediscoverd and practiced.

Made 4 Real Love


An informational website made by one of my friends all about chastity and what true love and freedom really is. Worth a look.

Stay tuned! More to come.


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